Video: Vegan & Strong

Hello people!😊 I love TED Talks. I like to watch some of their videos for new inspiring ideas. I normally watch some of the videos related to feminism and global warming (apart from veganism these are the topics I most enjoy). This video, which I have attached (at the end), is on veganism related to physical excercise. Joshua Knox, a body-builder, started a plantbased challenge … Continue reading Video: Vegan & Strong

Got no time?

Haven’t you got time to eat healthy? Time is very much appreciated. We all have our busy lives that sometimes it just seems we don’t have enough time to cook. Β However, it can only take a few minutes to prepare some healthy food. Time is precious but we can organize ourselves. We can always find a gap in our lives. Don’t use the time excuse … Continue reading Got no time?

Spiralised carrot and cucumber Spaghetti

Hi lovely people! Welcome to my blog and to my first post here πŸ™‚ This spaghetti dish is very easy to prepare and healthy. Carrots provide vitamin A which is beneficial for eye sight, for a beautiful skin and hair and avoids premature aging among other benefits. Cucumbers, on the other hand, contain a huge quantity of water which makes it a perfect vegetable for … Continue reading Spiralised carrot and cucumber Spaghetti